Our superintendents/janitors are carefully screened and continually supervised. They meet the highest standards of responsibility, capability, and courteousness at all times and are a pleasure to work with.


Buildings are well kept, presentable and up to code. Clean hallways, sidewalks, prompt snow removal and refuse disposal are just some of the services we are diligent in performing, in addition to maintenance and periodic review of all service contracts. This includes the annual sprinkler contract and monthly sprinkler testings/elevator/boiler/HVAC and central monitoring inspections, as required by law.

Premises are routinely inspected to ensure small issues don't turn into major problems and to determine potential areas that are in need of improvement. Floors are polished and waxed as necessary.


Repairs are done in a timely manner and emergencies are taken care ASAP 24/7.


We will be happy to create and/or maintain perfect landscaping. As with other major expenditures, we will review quotes from several companies before choosing one that offers the most value at the highest level of quality.

Violations Prevention

We take proactive measures to ensure there are no homeowner's violations; however, when needed, we take quick action to rectify situations causing a violation.


Vacancies are reduced by our strict screening methods, high rate of satisfied tenants and low turnover. We build positive rapport with occupants by taking the time to address their concerns, while being mindful of the owner's directives and policies. We take whatever steps are necessary to evict delinquent tenants or those whose behavior is unlawful.

Rent Collections

Invoices are sent out on time, thereby expediting the collection process and giving the landlord a clear picture of the financials.


We will manage all construction projects such as renovations/additions/upgrades, as well as oversee the project from start to finish, coordinating the work and closely supervising every stage to completion.


We will handle negotiations with vendors and review quotes from several companies before choosing one that offers the best service for the best price. This includes janitorial suppliers, contractors, insurance companies, HVAC, landscaping, sprinkler system maintenance, etc.

Financials & Accounting

We are meticulous in reviewing all invoices and maintain strict control on receivables and expenditures with separate bank accounts for each building. This ensures that payments are made punctually, such as mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. You get simple, informative financial reports covering all building activities, including: balance sheet, income/expense report, accounts receivable report, and statement of cash flow. Reports can be customized for special needs.

As a real estate company we work closely with skilled professionals, attorneys and certified public accountants throughout the New York, NY area, allowing us to provide a full range of financial services to help optimize your property's management.

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